Professional Publications

Music Preservation & Archiving Today“Preserving Rock and Roll History on the Northcoast,” with Andy Leach. Eds. Scott Carlson and Norie Guthrie. Music Preservation and Archiving Today. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2018.
“Local Collecting and Community Engagement on the North Coast.” Ohio Archivist (Fall 2017), 13-15.
ExploringDiscovery“Using Blacklight for Archival Discovery,” with Adam Wead. Exploring Discovery: The Front Door to a Library’s Licensed and Digitized Content. Ed. Kenneth J. Varnum. American Library Association, 2016.
“Lone Arranger” column. Open Entry. Michigan Archival Association (2005–2006).
“Scrapbooks: Information or Artifact?” MAC Newsletter (2005, January).
“Preservation Through Alternate Forms of Access. The Foundation of a Digitization Project.” MAC Newsletter (2004, January).
“Getting Students Involved.” RAO News: SAA’s Reference, Access and Outreach Section Newsletter (2002, March).

Institutional Publications

Title Track (newsletter). Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (Summer 2015 inaugural issue).
The Rock Hall Blog. August 9, 2012-July 24, 2013.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Library and Archives Newsletter, with Andy Leach and Laura Moody (2012–2015).
“A Day in the Life of Albion College” column. Thinking Albion: Albion College News. Albion College (2008–2009).
The Pink and Green (blog). Albion College, Special Collections. November 14, 2008–July 1, 2009.
“Tips on Preserving Your Own Family History.” Io Triumphe, LXX. Albion College. Fall 2005: 23.
“Landmarks and Legends: The Stone Pile.” Io Triumphe, LXIX. Albion College. Spring 2005: 4.
“Landmarks and Legends: The College Bell.” Io Triumphe, LXIX. Winter 2004: 36.
West Michigan Legacies: Newsletter of the United Methodist Church West Michigan Conference Archives. Albion College (2003–2009).
Ex Libris: A Newsletter of the Albion College Stockwell-Mudd Libraries, with John Kondelik and Marion Meilaender. Albion College (2002–2008).
Legacies: Newsletter of Albion College Special Collections. Albion College (2001–2006).

Editorial Experience

Copyeditor, Food in the Kitchen: Employee Newsletter, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, 2014–2015.
Editor, Midwest Archives Conference Newsletter, 2011–2014
Publications Review Editor, Archival Issues: Journal of the Midwest Archives Conference, 2005–2011
Manuscript Referee, “Documenting Teaching and Learning: Practices, Attitudes, and Opportunities in College and University Archives,” by Colleen McFarland. Archival Issues: Journal of MAC, 29, no. 1 (2005): 19–44.
Member-At-Large, Editorial Board, Archival Issues: Journal of the Midwest Archives Conference, 2004–2011
Manuscript Referee, “Case Studies in Managing Collections that Grow,” by Pam Hackbart-Dean and Sammie L. Morris. Archival Issues, 28, no. 2 (2003–2004): 105–120.
Manuscript Referee, “Letters to the Unabomber: A Case Study and Some Reflections,” by Julie Herrada. Archival Issues, 28, no. 1 (2003–2004): 35–46.