Professional Development

Archives Leadership Institute, Berea, KY, 2017

Implementing MPLP, Society of American Archivists (SAA), Cleveland, OH, 2017

Digital Preservation Toolbox – An Introduction, Lyrasis (online), 2016

Digital Collection Policy Development and Content Selection/Prioritization, Lyrasis (online), 2016

Fundamentals of Project Management, SAA, Cleveland, OH, 2016

Advanced Project Management for Archivists, SAA, Cleveland, OH, 2016

Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Digital Archives, SAA, Cleveland, OH, 2015

Evaluating your Project Plan, Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries and Museums (online), 2015

Accessioning and Ingest of Electronic Records, SAA, Midwest Archives Conference, Lexington, KY, 2015

Electronic Records, The Next Step!, SAA (online), 2015

Basics of Managing Electronic Records, SAA (online), 2015

Archival Collections Management Systems, SAA (online), 2015

Key Elements of a Project Plan, Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries and Museums (online), 2015

Affordable Digital Preservation featuring DC Public Library, Preservica (online), 2015

A Question of Balance: Collection Environment Basics: How to Maintain Your Collection and What to Do if Something Goes Wrong, Connecting to Collections regional workshops, Akron, Ohio, 2014

Using RDA with DACS: What’s New?, Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (online), 2014

LibAnswers Admin: Organization and Access, Springshare (online), 2014

Achieving Thresholds for Discovery: Addressing Issues with EAD to Increase Discovery and Access, OCLC (online), 2013

GoodReads Fireside Chat with Libraries (online), 2013

Using and Understanding PDF/A as a Preservation Format, Society of American Archivists (online), 2012

LibCal: Calendars, Events, and Scheduler, Springshare (online), 2012

LibCal: Room Bookings and Admin Settings, Springshare (online), 2012

Gift Acceptance Policies That Work: Protecting your Charity from Disaster, Nonprofit Issues/Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (online), 2011

Book Mending Workshop, Intermuseum Conservation Association, Cleveland, OH, 2011

Juggling Balls and Other High Wire Acts: How a Well-crafted Collections Management Policy Can be the Safety Net that Saves Your Collections, American Association for State and Local History – Institute of Museum and Library Services Standards and Excellence Program (online), 2011

Risk Assessment for Disaster Planning, Northeast Document Conservation Center (online), 2011

Archivists’ Toolkit, Society of American Archivists (online), 2011

Mold Outbreaks and How to Deal with Them, Northeast Document Conservation Center (online), 2011

dPlan Disaster Management, Ohio Preservation Council/Northeast Document Conservation Center (teleworkshop), 2011

What is EAC-CPF?, Society of American Archivists (online), 2010

Digital Disaster Symposium, Alliance for Response, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH, 2010

Disaster Preparedness, American Association of Museums (online), 2010

Understanding the Physical Environment, Library of Congress (online), 2010

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Grassroots Video, National Institute for Technology & Liberal Education (NITLE) (online), 2009

Implementing More Product, Less Process, Society of American Archivists, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2008

Meeting the Challenges of Institutional Repositories such as DSpace: How Campuses Select and Prioritize Digital Asset Management Projects, NITLE (online), 2008

Web 2.0 Storytelling, NITLE, Albion College, Albion, Michigan, 2008

Boxing and Rehousing Library Materials, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2008

Digital Collections: Where to Begin?, SOLINET (online), 2008

Style Sheets for EAD: Delivering Your Finding Aids on the Web, Society of American Archivists, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois, 2007

Starting an Institutional Repository Using DSpace, NITLE (online), 2007

Managing Digital Collections: A Symposium on Technical and Organizational Interoperability, NITLE, Smith College, Northhampton, Massachusetts, 2007

Advanced Book Repair, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2007

Knowledge Management in Academic Libraries, Association of College and Research Libraries, Baltimore, Maryland, 2007

Orpheus Alliance Music and Technology Conference, NITLE, Lafayette College, Lafayette, Pennsylvania, 2006

Metadata Workshop, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2006

Preservation and Recovery Series: Saving Collections Through Skillful Repair, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2006

Blogging for Libraries, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2006

RSS for Beginners, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2006

New Technology: Blogs, Wikis, IMs and More, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2006

Preserving Scrapbooks in the Archives, Part II, Midwest Archives Conference, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, 2006

Describing Archives: A Content Standard, Society of American Archivists, Bloomington, Indiana, 2005

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Reference for Support Staff, Michigan Library Association Roundtable, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2005

XML: An Introduction, Michigan Library Consortium, Lansing, Michigan, 2004

Preservation and Recovery Workshop: Recovering from a Real Disaster, Library of Michigan, Lansing, Michigan, 2003

Preservation and Access for Electronic College and University Records (ECURE), University of Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, 2003

Basic Preservation Construction Workshop, Midwest Archives Conference, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2002

Digital Preservation, University of California, Los Angeles, California, 2002

Genealogy 101: An Introduction to American Genealogy, Society of American Archivists, Washington, DC, 2001

Oral History: From Planning to Preservation, Society of American Archivists, Washington, DC, 2001

Fundamentals of Preservation Management, Midwest Archives Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, 2000

Effective Management of Archival Web Sites: Issues, Strategies and Policies, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1999

Effective Strategies for Managing Electronic Records, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1999

Jennie also attends local, regional, and national professional conferences on an annual basis.